The YWORLD Afterschool Enrichment Program has a positive impact on families by providing youth a safe, empowering space during after-school hours and offers parents an accessible alternative to expensive after-school care. The program requires a $20 registration fee per session. There will be three sessions during the school year.

The Afterschool Program is currently on a waitlist. Fill out the registration form and if there are spots available you will be contacted.

What is YWorld?

The YW Outcomes Realized through Leadership and Diversity (YWORLD) is looking forward to another exciting school year! The program serves students at Western Guilford Middle School from dismissal until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, throughout the 2018-2019 school year

YWORLD provides:

  • critical social and life development
  • academic support
  • sessions with themes that correlate with the mission of the YWCA Greensboro
  • activities, discussions, field trips and guest speakers.
  • Themes related to social justice issues, healthy relationships and civic engagement.

Each program day incorporates:

  • homework time
  • life development activity time
  • self-expression activities
  • specialized academic tutoring.
YWORLD activities include community service for the students.

Social Justice Mission

Participants look deeply into the issues that most affect them, find root causes and create solutions. Students are taught essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, self-expression and empathy. Participants often develop a greater appreciation for diversity, justice and advocacy.  

Healthy Relationship Session

Participants examine how to build and develop healthy relationships with partners, friends, families, and themselves.

They are guided in:

  • learning how to articulate what they want and do not want in relationships,
  • recognizing unhealthy dynamics within relationships,
  • identifying resources to address and deal with unhealthy dynamics,
  • learning how to protect their health, and future planning.

This session uses lessons from Vermont’s evidence-informed Youth and Child Advocate Manual, ETR’s evidence based Making Proud Choices and the CARRERA Program’s evidence-informed Above the Waist: Sexuality Education Beginning With The Brain.   

 *Please note that this session includes the use of a comprehensive sexual health curriculum 

Cooperative Youth/Civic Engagement Session


Participants are introduced to the concepts of entrepreneurship and cooperative businesses.

Cooperative businesses have been in existence for hundreds of years across the world in communities trying to solve their own problems and to create jobs. As the unemployment rate continues to climb for Greensboro youth, the importance of learning the skills needed to create their own futures is vital.

This session will include an introduction to democratic group processes, career planning, goal setting, and practical problem solving skills. We will use activities, videos and field trips to explore cooperatives in our community.

Please complete the steps below for your enrollment into the YWORLD Afterschool Enrichment Program

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