Fall Series Begin

We miss seeing our Youth Services Providers! They are invited to a special event for our September gathering – the launch of a new initiative to improved access, best practices, teen-friendly sexual and reproductive health services for young people in Greensboro. Clinics are operating at the Guilford County Health Department, Cone Health Center for Children, and Planned Parenthood’s site in Greensboro. We are pleased to support efforts to encourage young people to take responsibility for their health. Studies show that often the first experience of accessing health care for people is when they access for sexual health reasons. If you are interested in joining us on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 7:30 a.m. for the Launch and breakfast, contact Mary Coyne Wessling at 273-3461 ext. 206.

The October Youth Services Providers seminar will feature information on the latest trends in substance abuse among young people. This is an important issue for every person working with, living with, or teaching young people. Look for our invitation in a few weeks to register.

Thank you for all your support of our series.

See you in August!