Sponsor-A-Mom is a component of our Teen Parenting Programs that allows everyday generous people to donate delivery items directly to teen parents in need!
Traditionally, our programs provide essential supplies such as diapers, wipes, and personal products to participants using a combination of donor and grant funds. This has allowed us to purchase items on a monthly, as-needed basis. From limited access to certain products due to store shortages, to increased precautions when accepting donated items due to COVID-19, Sponsor-A-Mom creates the opportunity for kind hearted individuals to help fill in those restriction gaps!

Thinking of Sponsoring-A-Mom?

Here are some testimonies from participants!
“Thank you I really appreciate all that you are doing for me when I get on my feet you and Mrs. Katina will sure have some surprises/gifts from me and don’t tell me no it’s fine y’all deserve it honestly” – BG
“Thank you so much for my gifts, me and Santana loved them.” – AA
“Hi Marketa, just wanna say thank you for all you do for Abby and I. I can’t say enough for how much I appreciate you.” – JR (RS Mom)

Prefer to donate monetarily? 

Check out our fundraising campaign page.

Your donation is not only beneficial to our participants individually, but to our entire Teen Parenting Programs department. This allows us to allocate funds we normally use for deliveries towards more group activities and incentives. Check out all the fun we had last year!