FUN + Learning + Active = YWORLD Summer Camp 2019

YWCA of Greensboro will be hosting two exciting co-ed summer camp sessions this year. We are welcoming rising 6th graders through rising 9th graders to join us! A light breakfast (cereal, fruits, yogurt, etc.) is offered from 8:30am – 9:00am with early drop off. All sessions will include a focus on common core subjects—through a fun and engaging approach to each topic, campers’ skills in Math, Science, English and Social Studies will be incorporated and strengthened with each topic.


Session 1 – July 1 – 18, 2019 • Mon – Thurs. 9 – 5 pm:

What in the World

  • Campers will explore world issues that affect themselves as well as others globally. Students will collaboratively find solutions to these issues and have the chance to put some of their ideas into action. We’ll make it fun for the campers to think critically, analyze and improve social skills, communicate, strengthen self-expression and empathy. They’ll gain insight and knowledge about civil rights, justice, and social equality. What a wonderful way to kick off summer than exploring, experiencing, and learning. Field trips will further the campers understanding of diversity, inclusion and activism.
  • Every Thursday we will be taking campers to the pool.


Session 2 – July 29 – August 15, 2019 • Mon – Thurs. 9 – 5 pm: 

Connect to the Community

  • Campers will be able to put their ideas into actions. By engaging in their community with this three-week experience of giving back they be will able to volunteer, and learn how to participate in their community so they can affect it in exciting ways. Introducing the idea of community involvement, we’ll talk about several topics which allow for hands-on experience. Projects, field trips, and fun activities await the campers. They’ll attend community events geared toward having an impact on the community at large and learn how to be successful, goal-driven citizens. These students are the future of our community. What better way to brighten the future by teaching them to be good citizens?
  • Every Thursday we will be taking campers to the pool.


Fees, Forms and FAQs:

Fees: Every full-day session is $60.00 per camper. Some half-day slots will be made available if spaces for full-day campers are not already filled. Half-day session time slots are: 9:00am – 1:00pm or 1:00pm – 5:00pm and only a snack is provided. Half-day sessions will be $30.00 per session.


Forms: The deadline for all applications will be June 24th or until sessions are full. Every family will be required to complete the application form(s) and submit it by the deadline for their child to be considered for camp.  





Will transportation be provided to the camp and back again?

Yes. Transportation may be provided from one of three pickup locations each day of camp. We will only provide morning transportation to camp. All campers must be picked up at the end of the day at the YWCA Greensboro, located at 1807 E. Wendover Ave, Greensboro. Transportation to camp will only be provided to the first 15 campers who indicate the need for this option.


* All campers will be provided transportation for field trips.


Can I drop my child off before 9:00am?

Yes. Camp does not officially start until 9:00am. However, campers can be dropped off as early as 8:30am. Camp counselors will be inside preparing for the day, direct supervision will be limited during this time. Campers are welcome to enjoy in a light breakfast (cereal, fruits, yogurt, etc.) from 8:30am – 9:00am.


Will my camper need money for the field trips?

Trips to public pools, museums, and other selected places that require an entrance fee, will be paid by the YWCA Greensboro. All other expenses accrued on the field trip will be up to the parent and/or guardian’s discretion. If the field trip occurs during lunch and/or snack time, food will be provided by the YWCA Greensboro.


Can campers bring their cell phones to camp?

Campers will be asked to turn in their cellphones at the start of the day. (We will have a system set-up with each camper’s name in a slot and their phone will rest there.) Phones will be returned to campers during break times and lunch.  We ask that parents and/or guardians relay this policy to their child/children prior to camp, so there are no misunderstandings when they arrive.

What if there is an emergency?

We will provide each parent and/or guardian contact numbers for Summer Camp Counselors as well as the YWCA telephone number. Your call will be directed to the Summer Camp Director.


Can I opt in/out to keep my child at home on days when specific topics are being discussed such as sexuality topics?

Yes. You do have the option of keeping your child/children at home. Prior notice and/or written documentation is preferred and greatly appreciated.