Fun + Learning + Active = Summer Camp!

YWCA Greensboro will be hosting 3 exciting coed summer camp sessions in June, July and August for 10 through 15-year-olds. Each week runs from Monday through Thursday. No camp on Fridays.

Session 1 – June 19-29  Mission: Possible

Campers will explore issues affecting them and their community and together find some solutions. We’ll make it fun for them to develop critical thinking skills, improve communication, and learn more about self-expression and empathy. Oh, and we’ll visit the local pool, too!

Session 2 – July 10-20  Get Your Relationships Healthy!

Campers will be challenged (in a fun way) to build healthy relationships with family, friends and themselves. They will learn to articulate what they want and do not want in a relationship, recognize the signs of an unhealthy relationship, and learn about resources that can help them maintain a healthy life now and for their future. Note* This session will use the evidence-based curriculum: Making Proud Choices and Above the Waist: Sexuality Education Beginning with the Brain. These programs will be conducted by a certified sexual health educator.

Session 3 – July 31-August 10 May I Serve You, Community?

Campers put their feet to the pavement, engage their brains, and head out into the community for a two-week experience of giving back. Projects, field trips and activities such as meeting elected officials and attending community meetings will be geared toward giving them a voice on issues important to them while learning how to be productive citizens. And we’ll visit the pool again!

Fees and Forms and FAQs

Fees: Each two week, full day session is $40 per camper. Some half day options will be made available if spaces for full day are not filled. Half day sessions begin at 1:30 pm and end at 5:30 pm and only a snack is provided. Half day sessions are $20 per camper.

Forms: Every family will be required to complete the application form and submit it by the deadline in order for their child to be considered for camp. Click on Registration link below.

Will transportation be provided from my home to the camp and back again?   No. Transportation is provided only for the field trips.

Can I drop my child off before 9 a.m.?   No. The YWCA building is not officially open until 9 a.m. Camp counselors will be inside setting up for the day but supervision of any camper does not begin until 9 a.m.

Can I sign up for a full day two-week session but pick my child up before 5:30 pm?   Yes. Please be aware of days when field trips are scheduled as campers may not arrive back at the YWCA before 5 p.m.

Will my camper need money for the field trips?   Trips to public pools, museums, or other places that require an entrance fee will be paid by the YWCA. All other expenses incurred on the field trip will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If the trip occurs during lunch and/or snack time, the daily lunch or snack will be provided.

Can participants bring their cell phones to camp?   Campers will be asked to turn in their cell phones at the start of the day. (Please have their names taped to the phone for easy identification.) Their phone will be given to them when break times and lunch times occur. We ask parents/guardians to explain this policy to their camper so no misunderstandings occur. Any camper needing to contact a parent/guardian will be given their phone to use. Parents/guardians also will be given the general telephone number of the YWCA as well as the cell phone numbers of the camp counselors to reach their camper.

Can I opt to keep my child at home on days when certain topics are being discussed such as sexuality topics? Yes. You have the option of keeping them at home. Prior notice of their absence is appreciated.

Please read the application carefully. More details of what is expected of you and your child are included on that form.