The Passion to Purse Program seeks to improve the economic independence of emerging female entrepreneurs in Greensboro by educating them in basic business fundamentals. In the process we assist them in starting or maintaining a microenterprise.

During the eight week low cost program you will learn business development, market research and analysis, pricing, and financial projections.

What is a Microenterprise?

  • A small business that employs and operates with a small number of employees
  • Started with a small amount of capital
  • Specializes in providing goods or services for their local areas
  • Can be run from home and various locations
  • Produces products made at home and sold online, in local stores, or at local markets

*Classes are designed to teach for profit businesses only (excluding multilevel marketing businesses)

  • 2018 Session Dates:
    • Session 1 – April 2 – May 29
    • Session 2 – August 6 – September 25
    • Session 3 – October 22 – December 11
  • Cost:
    • $40 for women who qualify for a scholarship
    • $150 for all other applicants
  • Place:
    • Classes are held at the YWCA Greensboro on Mondays and Tuesdays

Passion to Purse Member Highlights

As a Passion to Purse member you will have access to the following:
  • commercial kitchen (Department of Agriculture approved businesses only)
  • computer access
  • classrooms
  • event spaces
  • on-site childcare
  • other building resources to aid in their business development
  • vending opportunities

How to apply:

  • Step 1

    Fill out Passion to Purse Application (please read carefully)

  • Step 2

    Select applicants will be called in for an interview

  • Step 3

    Approved applicants receive acceptance by email

    *Notification emails generally sent out within 2 weeks

The Passion to Purse Program offers a limited number of microloans to qualifying graduates of the Passion to Purse program through the Greensboro Community Development Fund.

For more information or questions about the program contact:

Karla Comer, Director of Entrepreneurship at or 336-273-3461

YWCA Passion to Purse