Partners for Healthy Youth is a change agent

Advocating for teens by bringing people together to build a healthy community

Our 2016 Youth Services Providers Series will feature presentations on:

Lean On Me: Providers Sharing Program Strengths

Navigating the Juvenile Justice System

How Social Media is Affecting Youth

The Latest Drug Trends Among Teens

Our Values

  • It is essential for families, youth, schools, faith communities, community organizations, and government agencies to collaborate to effectively address the issues of adolescent pregnancy prevention and health.
  • Youth should have access to all needed health services.
  • Adolescents need complete, medically accurate, culturally relevant,age, gender, and developmentally appropriate information to make responsible choices.
  • Parents should be supported in their role as the primarily sexuality educators of their children.
  • The entire community should be invested in helping youth reach their full potential.
  • Youth equipped with accurate information can serve as effective agents of community change.
  • Healthy communities are stronger and more economically viable.