Shirley T. Frye YWCA Greensboro 2019 Academy of SHEroes Gal recognized local superstar activists in a stunning event at Greensboro’s Proximity Hotel on September 7, 2019.

2019 YWCA Greensboro SHEroes

(from left to right)

  • Shirley Frye – Honorary Chair
  • Addy Jeffrey – Social Justice Warrior
  • Rashelle Brooks – Shooting Star
  • Victoria Milstein – The Anne D. Hummel YWCA Mission Award

2019 Sponsors

2019 Academy of SHEroes

SHEroes (left to right) Cyenthia Hudson, Vondra Humphrey, Dr. Tonya Smith-Jackson, Blanche Cheeley, Michelle Davis and Alma Perry
Dr. Tonya Smith-Jackson - NC A&T University
Michelle Davis - Replacements, LTD.
Alma Perry - Kim Diop Realty
Blanche Cheeley - Prudential Financial Services
Cyenthia Nunn Hudson