The Adolescent Parenting Program (APP) serves pregnant or parenting teens, ages 19 and younger, attending school or an equivalent program. The goal of APP is to help teen parents:


  • Increase the self-sufficiency outcomes for APP participants by:
    • Extending the delay of a subsequent pregnancy
    • Encouraging graduation from high school with diploma or completion of GED
    • Increasing successful transition to adulthood including enrollment in post-secondary education, vocational training, or employment at a livable wage, and living in safe and stable housing after graduation from APP
  • Improve developmental outcomes for the children of APP participants by:
    • Increasing incidence of positive parenting such as appropriate discipline, nurturing behavior, and raising children who are well-cared for
    • Establishing the child’s medical home and creating a safe home environment to ensure the child’s well-being


The essential components of the Adolescent Parenting Program (APP) consist of:

  • Home visitation using the Parents as Teachers curriculum
  • Case management services to each participant through individualized goal planning
  • Monthly peer group education sessions
  • Group field trips
  • College tours



Through individual and peer group support, adolescents learn about health and social factors that impact their families such as education, nutrition, prenatal care, child neglect and abuse, breastfeeding, and job readiness skills.

     APP is funded by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.