Lindy Garnette, MSW

Chief Executive Officer

336-273-3461 Ext. 205

Chantale Wesley-Lamin

Chief Operating Officer

336-273-3461 Ext. 215

Call the YWCA Staff at 336-273-3461 and add their extension.

Leslye Apple

Family Shelter Support Staff ext. 212

Rachel Blake

Development Coordinator   Ext. 203

Holly Broadwater

Teen Parent Mentor Program Director Ext. 210

Brandi Collins-Calhoun

Childbirth Education Manager   Ext. 209  

Karla Comer

Director of Entrepreneurship

Ext. 200

Peggy DeGraffinreid

Front Desk Associate

Ext. 201

Kana Dorsey

Afterschool Enrichment Instructor Ext. 206

Kendra Fennell

Teen Parent Mentor Program Coordinator

Ext. 208

Monika Gauthier

Healthy Beginnings Coordinator

Ext. 202

Deb Harris-Richardson

Community Engagement Manager Ext. 214

Barry Miles

Maintenance Coordinator Ext. 216

Ondrea Mosley

Family Shelter Advocate Ext. 212

Jayme Murphy

Kitchen Manager

Ext 219

Kamille Pickens

Family Shelter Director

Mario Robinson

Administrative Operations Coordinator/Network Administrator Ext.216

Jaclyn Tyson

Healthy Moms Healthy Babies Director Ext. 217